Hybrid working – why Flexibility Works for Muckle Media

Hybrid working – why Flexibility Works for Muckle Media

Recent research conducted by Flexibility Works – a Scottish Government funded organisation which works with employers to develop flexible working practices – revealed key insights into Scotland’s approach to flexible working.

On the back of the research, a report called What does hybrid working look like in Scotland? was published to provide employers with evidence-based insights on how to make hybrid successful for people and for businesses.

The report found that while 71% of office workers in Scotland have been offered a form of hybrid arrangement, 29% have been told to work in the office full time.

While the majority of businesses in Scotland are adopting a flexible approach to working, the report highlights a gap in flexible working practices across Scotland, with many employers still sitting on the fence.


As an employer offering truly flexible working, Scottish PR agency, Muckle Media spoke to Flexibility Works about the benefits of offering hybrid working to its employees to the business and its workforce.


Muckle’s managing director, Nathalie Agnew, said: “Hybrid working, alongside our other flexible ways of working, has made our business better. Since moving to a hybrid four-day week, our percentage of billable hours has increased, which shows our productivity has gone up. It’s also appealing from a recruitment perspective and ‘sticky’ in terms of retention.

“We put a lot of trust in our staff and let them work the way they want. In return we expect everyone to work hard. It’s a two-way thing. But if you get the culture right then the work just clicks into place.”


Muckle Media people across Scotland, from Edinburgh to rural Perthshire and Inverness. The company works a four-day week and has a ‘hybrid remote and digital first’ approach. Office presence is not monitored and there are no company-wide rules on when to meet in-person except a team day every other month. Each team decides as and when to meet up in person. But the company is proactive in ensuring staff – however remote – still feel connected to their colleagues.

Muckle Media account manager Toni Dowling is a true example of just how flexible a forward-thinking PR agency can be. Supported by Muckle through hybrid and flexible working practices, Toni has been able to pursue a career as on-call (retained) fire fighter for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service while continuing to progress her career in PR.

Serving her local community in rural Perthshire, Toni is on call at Killin Community Fire Station much of the week, and is called out roughly once a fortnight to deal with various incidents including fires, road traffic accidents and water rescues. But she is also able to book time off when required to keep dedicated time for her Muckle role.

Toni, who’s 27, and lives on her family’s farm in Killin, said: “Muckle has been so supportive. I have protected time for Muckle when things are really important or time sensitive, such as client meetings or if I have a project deadline. Around that, Muckle is really flexible. I work in the office about once a month and always look forward to it. But I mostly work from home so I’m on-hand if an emergency call comes through.

“I feel like I have the best of both worlds, with two different but brilliant careers, and it’s down to the fact Muckle has an open mind on how work can be done. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to build a life around the community I love.”