Leading entrepreneur to deliver free inspirational insights at Inverness event

Leading entrepreneur to deliver free inspirational insights at Inverness event

Angus MacDonald OBE, who has built and sold five significant businesses whilst based in the Highlands, will share his inspiring entrepreneurial journey with the Highlands’ business community at a free event at Inverness College on Thursday 30th May. 

MacDonald first established his reputation in the 1990s in his 20s, building and selling a data company to a Californian FinTech business, this was followed by scaling and selling two financial publishing companies for a combined value of over £91m. In 2018/19 he sold an education company and recycling business for £60m. In 2014, he was awarded an OBE for services to the Highlands, and in 2017, was crowned Spear’s UK wide Entrepreneur of the Year.

The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to strengthen their business acumen, develop strategy from MacDonald’s insights, and pose questions to him during a Q&A session. They will also be able to connect with other local business owners and like-minded peers. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Angus MacDonald OBE said “I love business, believe that opportunities abound, and I want to encourage younger generations to share this ethos, particularly in the Highlands. I will still be doing this when I am 85, increasingly with a core focus of encouraging local businesses to develop and flourish.”

Sandy Kennedy, chief executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland, will chair the event and is at the forefront of leading a movement to progress business in Scotland himself. Commenting on the event, Kennedy said: “my goal is to develop and inspire Scotland’s business minds to become the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

“At Entrepreneurial Scotland, we manage a rapidly growing membership of some of the country’s most successful business owners, including many in the Highlands and Islands. This free event is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners and those interested in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to come together and hear Angus’ story.”

The event is free to attend on Thursday 30th May, more details can be found here:https://www.entrepreneurialscotland.com/events/evening-withangus-macdonald

Date: 30th May

Start 5.30pm for 6pm – 8pm

Inverness College UHI, 1, Inverness Campus,

Inverness , IV2 5NA

Complimentary refreshments will be provided

The Ulti-Mutt Experience, Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace Launches Tailored Doggy Getaways

The Ulti-Mutt Experience, Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace Launches Tailored Doggy Getaways

Muckle Media are delighted that their client, The Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace has partnered with premium Edinburgh based Crighton Pet Services to offer dogs a bespoke getaway while owners enjoy exploring some of the capital’s hidden gems.

Four-legged friends will be able to escape to the Edinburgh hills, seaside or woodlands with Steven Crighton, founder and owner of Crighton Pet Services.

Crighton has over 1,000 kilometres worth of professional dog walking experience, walking up to 20 dogs per week and will customise each experience to suit the individual dog’s personality, size age and breed.

The dogs will be collected directly from guests’ hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza and dropped off again after a wash and brush up. Owners will be able to take time to relax and explore Edinburgh, safe in the knowledge that their pet will be having the time of their life. They can then choose between arriving home to greet them or staying out a little longer.

The Crowne Plaza will provide a welcome letter on arrival, highlighting all the local bars, cafes, shops and attractions that are dog friendly as well as amenities to make sure each four-legged guest feels at home.

These include a memory foam dog bed at the hotel and a dog bowl with a welcome treat. There is also doggie beer available in the bar and lounge, where dogs can join their owners through the day and evening.

Commenting on the launch, Kieran Quinn, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza, said “We are thrilled to be extending our services to four legged guests. Edinburgh has a wealth of options for national and local visitors who return to explore the capital year on year.

The city’s easily accessible beaches and hills, combined with rich history, makes it a picturesque location for humans and dogs alike. We keep our guests at the heart of everything we do, and what better way to enhance their experience than inviting their dogs along to share it.”

For more information on Crowne Plaza’s Ulti-Mutt experience visit: https://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/gb/en/edinburgh/edite/hoteldetail



Emily Intern

I had been researching PR agencies in Edinburgh for about 4 months before I made the move from Canada to Scotland. The more I looked into Muckle Media, the more it drew me in. You’ve got to love a good alliteration and flashy pink branding, but what the heck is a muckle? One quick urban dictionary search later, I learned muckle means a large amount… of media. Sold. A catchy name with a clever meaning – I’m here for it.

Intern, Emily at the Muckle Media office

I applied to Muckle media with quite a risqué cover letter spilling out my hopes and dreams of one day leaving cold snowy Canada to work in a creative agency in the UK – the land of lovely accents. I also included my colourfully designed CV to wash it all down. Think Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, minus the perfume scented paper. Much to my surprise I received a nearly instant response and was in for an interview the next day.

All of my first day nerves were chased away by a warm welcome of smiling faces when I walked into the charmingly decorated office. With a collection of team photos and selfies, couches for comfort and a chalkboard wall, it is not your average workspace.

Intern, Emily in the Muckle Media board room

As an intern you don’t expect to be given hard hitting tasks, at least not right away. No, you expect to be making tea and fetching coffee. Well I can honestly say, as soon as I started, I was plunged right into campaign brainstorms, social media designs and proposal writing. And it’s a good job too. Because I’m from Canada and I make a dreadful cup of tea.

Intern, Emily

My placement was better than I could’ve expected. Not only did I learn and grow from it, but I met some top-notch people who have made my first month in Scotland an unforgettable one.

Emily’s Top Tips

So, if you’re also thinking of dazzling your CV with an internship, here’s my advice.

1. Be enthusiastic and eager

People don’t remember everything you say or do but they remember how you made them feel. Always be a positive light at work. Be someone they genuinely enjoy working with and want to keep around, especially when the Monday blues hit. Offer to help out when you are low on projects, don’t just wait for jobs to come to you. And eagerly accept tasks that are given to you (within reason of course).

2. Make yourself a part of the team

Mingle, mingle, mingle! Who doesn’t love a post-work drink or two? Get to know your co-workers, fellow interns and immerse yourself in the office culture. Become a part of the agency family and be memorable. It’s important as an intern to get noticed, both for work and your sparkling personality. You want them to miss you when you’re gone.

3. Do things outside your comfort zone (now’s the time to learn)

If you’re the least bit intrigued by a project offer to help. An internship is a great time to learn and ask questions. So, soak up as much information as you can. Before my placement, I thought I was terrible at design. One month and a couple of YouTube tutorials later and I’ve become one of the go-to people for design jobs. So, try something new, you might surprise yourself.

4. Keep a portfolio

Show your work (sorry to give you a traumatic flash back of math class). What I mean is have a running file of your written works and design projects. Especially the ones that you’re particularly proud of or praised for. You never know when you might need to prove you’re a PR all-star.

5. Enjoy it!

Most importantly, have fun with it. At Muckle Media, I had a seriously stellar time. From celebrating little wins in the office to lunch dates with the team, there was no shortage of laughs and play mixed in with the daily grind.

If you’re interested in Muckle Media check out our website where you can see more of what we do.



It’s the #LittleThings that add up to a loving workplace – Muckle Media launches enhanced benefits and rewards scheme for team on Valentine’s Day 

14th February 2019, Muckle Media, the creative PR agency, has rewarded its team with a range of enhanced benefits under its #LittleThings tagline. The campaign, which aims to retain and recruit the best people in the industry and help Muckle Media work towards its mission of becoming the best PR agency to work for in the UK was launched during Valentine’s Week, with benefits drip fed daily throughout the week to demonstrate corporate love. The campaign sits alongside Muckle Media’s wider purpose of inspiring the next generation of communicators.

A new flexible working policy has been introduced that will allow the team to choose where and when they work, with a focus on excellent client service and the outcomes required from each role, rather than the number of hours spent at desks. A management plan and processes are in place to ensure excellent service levels through a system that makes sure client work is delivered to a high standard and clients can always access the timely support that they need.

The team are also in the process of rewriting their job descriptions individually to create dream jobs for everyone. Generic job descriptions that make people at all levels work as generalists and be expected to deliver the full spectrum of PR roles are being replaced by individual job descriptions that allow everyone to specialise in the work they love. To create these, the team have been asked to rank all the potential areas of work they do by love, like and hate, with a plan for everyone’s jobs to gradually move towards just doing the things they love. Future recruitment will focus on filling the gaps.

An enhanced flexible benefits package has also been launched which provides a pot equal to 20% of annual salary on top of pay to be used to select a range of shared and flexible benefits. This includes private health care, enhanced employer pension contributions, cinema tickets, a social fund and match funding for charity fundraising. Health and wellbeing perks include paid for gym membership, free fruit in the office, mental health first aider training and the appointment of two wellbeing ambassadors. Visiting speakers will come into the office to deliver sessions on topics ranging from yoga and mindfulness to nutrition. The agency is also currently reviewing and improving its environmental policies.

Nathalie Agnew, Managing Director of Muckle Media, said:

“We believe that a happy team is a productive and creative one, which is why we are putting our team at the centre of our strategy and working towards becoming the best agency to work for in the UK. We are all adults and believe that by removing rules and restrictions our team will have a better life balance and in turn deliver more in the workplace.

“It’s the little things that make a difference every day. A colleague making your tea to someone just asking if you’re okay helps make work a better place. Small changes to your working environment, diet and fitness regime can make huge changes to your health and wellbeing. Little improvements such as not using disposable plastic or remembering to recycle make a big difference to the planet. That’s why Muckle Media believes that the #LittleThings are important.

“At the centre of our #LittleThings campaign is a focus on mental wellbeing and healthy living, combined with a range of perks to help our team be stronger, smarter and happier, all while improving the world around us. I can’t wait to work with our teams in Edinburgh and Inverness to roll out these benefits and provide a positive and supportive workplace of the future.”

For more details visit www.mucklemedia.co.uk/littlethings

Highland Games and the Outlander effect…

Highland Games and the Outlander effect…


What is more Scottish than piping, Highland dancing or tossing the caber? Yes we are well and truly into Highland Games season.

Highland Games and some of our unique Scottish products such as shortbread, whisky and kilts are arguably some of our best exports and attractions. Scottishness as a brand is uniquely marketable and very saleable – is it any wonder that so many companies are capitalising on their Scottishness?

Last weekend, in Inverness alone, more than 9,000 people visited the Highland capital to attend the City of Inverness Highland Games and Gathering.

It also included a dedicated Outlander tent, which was one of the most visited stalls during the Games weekend.

The historical time travel series has become a phenomenon. The hit TV drama, which has signed up to a sixth season, is based on the best-selling book series by American author, Diana Gabaldon. It has seen huge success on both sides of the Atlantic.

The British-American TV series, which features a World War II nurse who is transported back to the time of the Jacobite rising of 1745, has played a huge part in the tourism boost experienced across Scotland.

Visitor attractions around the county, including in the Highlands, such as Culloden Battlefield and the Clava Cairns have seen an increase in visitor numbers in recent years which has been put down to the success of the hit TV series and what is now often dubbed the ‘Outlander effect.’

It is no surprise that a whole host of merchandise, such as replica Highland dress, jewellery even dedicated tours of locations the TV series has been filmed at, have all sprung up thanks to some fast acting businesses and entrepreneurs who were quick to capitalise and tap into the popularity of the TV series.

It is always worth examining if you are making the most of your brand and any connections it may have that you can capitalise on, such as Scottish links. The market for Scottish brands is endless and immediately opens your product up to the overseas markets in the United States as well Australia and New Zealand.

Last year was a record year for visitors with an incredible 3.2million overseas visitors coming to Scotland, spending a whopping £2.3billion, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Meanwhile there are still a number of Highland Games to take place this summer and the Mey Games which will be held in Caithness on the 4th of August is set to write its way into the history books.

It will welcome adaptive para-athletes to compete for the first time ever at a Highland Games in Scotland.

60 para-athletes will travel from as far afield as America and Australia and all over the UK to take part in the milestone event. The Mey Games will be unique as it welcomes both para and Invictis athletes to compete in traditional Highland track and field competitions. This will be the first time that para-athletics has been included within a traditional Highland Games context in Scotland.

US para athlete Alex ‘The Tank’ Armor, who holds the world record for wheelchair caber tossing, as well as several top Australian para-athletes will be competing.

HRH Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay, is chieftain of the event and he is expected to attend again this year.

Highland Games may date back almost 1,000 years and even after all this time it seems the enduring global appeal of these ancient gatherings, as well as the allure and appeal of Highland history and all things Outlander remain as popular as ever.

Being enterprising, quick thinking and able to capitalise on a big idea, such as the Scottish/Highland link on the back of the success of the Outlander series, proves culture, history and tradition can always be reinvented for new markets.  So if you have a brand with a Scottish background or link, it’s worth considering how you can maximise this to drive sales from other markets and make the most of your Scottish connection, as you never know you may just have another multi-million pound blockbuster on your hands.

As for Highland Games, I have a feeling they may well endure for another 1,000 years – probably washed down with a drop of whisky or two! Slàinte mhath. 

Build-a-Bear – what can PR professionals learn from their failed store promotion?

Build-a-Bear – what can PR professionals learn from their failed store promotion?

Build-a-Bear hoped their pay your age sales promotion would be a roaring success this week, but poor planning resulted in queues over a mile long and police being called to manage crowds at shopping centres across the country. Muckle MD Nathalie wrote a PR Week blog post about how to plan for sales promotions, read more here:


Do you have any other tips for running sales promotions and managing demand?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama to Participate in Moderated Conversation In Scotland

Former First Lady Michelle Obama to Participate in Moderated Conversation In Scotland

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will participate in a moderated conversation at a dinner in Edinburgh on July 17th at the EICC with philanthropy and business leaders. Mrs. Obama is a lawyer, writer, and was the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

Hosted by the philanthropy, The Hunter Foundation (thehunterfoundation.co.uk), all profits from the event will be invested in hundreds of charities across Scotland.

Sir Tom Hunter, founder of The Hunter Foundation commented; “From a brick bungalow on the South Side of Chicago to the White House has been an epic, historic journey and we look forward to hearing about that journey and Mrs. Obama’s future path. It is more than an honour to welcome First Lady Michelle Obama, following so closely on from the 44th President’s visit of last year and we are delighted she accepted our invitation.”

Muckle Media shortlisted for 14 PRCA DARE awards

Muckle Media shortlisted for 14 PRCA DARE awards

Muckle Media has been shortlisted for 14 PRCA DARE awards, including Large Consultancy of The Year, Consumer Relations, Media Relations and the Integrated Campaign award.

The shortlist reflects a really exciting 12 months for Muckle Media including an impressive array of campaigns, new client wins and success stories including Finding your Feet – A Global Fundraising Voyage, the Artemis World Cycle and the North East 250 ultimate road trip to the heart of Scotland. In the past months we’ve had great opportunities across all our offices including launching Gordon and McPhail’s wartime whisky and supporting Moray Economic Partnership to get the community behind a regional deal bid with the My Moray campaign.

These efforts have been reflected in the shortlisting for Large Consultancy of The Year. The last few months have seen the company grow across Scotland with new members of staff joining our team and bringing even more creativity.

You can view the full shortlist here: https://www.prcadareawards.com/shortlist

Fingers Crossed!

The social side of sales

The social side of sales

We all know that social media brings a host of opportunities for businesses to reach their target audiences and boost sales, if done well. In fact, 56% of firms with a social media strategy in place have generated sales via social media and 45% of small businesses with turnover under £250,000 have generated sales using social media platforms.

Yet, despite this, research from the latest Close Brothers Asset Finance Business Barometer shows that only 32% of UK SMEs have a social media strategy in place. And the situation is even worse here in Scotland, with just 23% of businesses having a social media strategy.

So, why are the majority of UK businesses not utilising social media to engage and drive sales? It could simply be down to time and resources – why else wouldn’t you be making the most of easily accessible platforms with millions of users?

Don’t worry though – it’s Muckle Media to the rescue with some quick tips on how to make the most of social media for those short of time!

  1. Focus on the most appropriate channels

For busy SMEs there’s little point in using social media platforms if your target audience isn’t there. To start, focus on the main platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – and pick which one(s) you’ll have a presence on based on where you’ll have the most impact. For example, business to business companies may focus on Twitter and LinkedIn, whereas lifestyle brands might focus on Facebook and Instagram. Also consider the age range of your target audience and which social media networks they’re most likely to use.

  1. Follow, follow, follow!

When starting out on social media and building a following, it can often be a slow process. Instagram and Twitter can be easier than other networks as you can easily search relevant people who may be interested in your brand. And there are numerous online tools to make this process even faster.

On Twitter, try Followerwonk. Here you can search the bios of Twitter users to connect with people using specific words in their bios. For example, clothes brands may search ‘fashion’ or a local café may search followers by location. Followerwonk also allows you to follow the most relevant people quickly, without clicking through to individual pages. ManageFlitter is another useful resource which helps you target the most appropriate followers, based on the subjects they are interested in, their location and if they follow similar accounts. Many of these tools often allow ongoing analysis of your following; helping you compare your following to that of your competitors and helping you find what content they respond best to.

  1. Showcase your brand

As with all other communications, be it visual or written, social media channels should reflect your brand. Set some guidelines on tone of voice, the type of content you’re going to share and design guidelines on how visuals should look – for example, do you have a standard filter on Instagram to ensure posts not only look good individually but when viewed together on your page?

Websites such as Canva are great places to start for creating quick branded images to share across your platforms.

  1. Keep followers happy

Keep an eye on interactions with your social media pages and respond as quickly as possible. Even if it’s a bad review on Facebook, don’t get defensive! Respond in a manner that addresses the issue and try to rectify wherever possible – even if the reviewer doesn’t respond to your offer, other social media users will see that you have done all you can to improve service.

  1. Monitor for mentions

To make the most of sales opportunities on social media, you need to be proactive. Search for mentions of your brand and of your product and respond. For example, if you’re a café, you might want to respond to someone tweeting about recommendations for lunch in Glasgow. At Muckle Media, we might monitor for people looking for recommendations for a local PR agency or for social media support.

  1. Quality over quantity

Not only is choosing the most relevant social media platforms to your brand important, but the content you share should be carefully thought out. It’s easy to get carried away at the start and post content multiple times a day. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Boring, useless content will just make people unfollow your page – be smart with your time and the content you share.

  1. Social as part of overall strategy

Social media should be seen as part of your overall marketing strategy. Whether you’re launching a new product, opening a new office or releasing some research statistics, think of how social media should fit into your overall communications. This might involve some paid for advertising on Facebook or teaser posts on Instagram – whatever the story, use social media to your advantage and create a buzz for your brand.

About to undertake a big social media campaign or need some assistance in managing your current channels? We’re here to help! Get in touch on info@mucklemedia.co.uk

Wanted: exceptional communicator for our Inverness office

Wanted: exceptional communicator for our Inverness office

Muckle Media is seeking an exceptional communicator to support the head of its Inverness office as the agency works towards exciting growth plans. The winning candidate will be a team player who is equally happy in a leadership role and getting stuck in to deliver great results for our fantastic roster of clients.

Applications are sought from communications professionals with significant experience in corporate communications. The applicant will have experience in supporting organisations with issues and managing stakeholder relationships including political and community relations.

The successful candidate will either have worked at least to a level of Account/Associate Director in a PR agency or will have held a senior role in-house. The job will be based in Inverness but the successful candidate will service clients throughout the Highlands and therefore a solid understanding of the political and media landscape in the region is desirable.

As a senior member of the team, Muckle Media is looking for an individual that leads by example, can coach and train junior members of the team in core skills including writing, presentation skills and proposal writing.

This role would suit an enthusiastic, individual who is passionate about the Highlands and is looking for an opportunity to make their mark on an agency at an exciting stage in its growth. In return for your commitment to helping us be the best we can be we will provide a rewarding career path and the chance to join the senior leadership team of an agency with big plans.

For a confidential chat please contact Nathalie directly or to apply submit your CV, covering letter, notice period and salary expectations by email.

Leadership competencies

  • Ethics (demonstrate compliance with CIPR professionalism and ethics code)
  • Encourages self-organisation of workload and steps in to help deliver work when required
  • Commitment to learning and development of yourself and the team
  • Openness to new ideas and approaches
  • Creates culture of team work rather than individual performance

Leadership skills

  • Excellent communication skills internally and externally
  • Has strategic approach to business planning and client account work
  • Delegates fairly and efficiently
  • Takes a positive approach to all actions
  • Can demonstrate excellence across all PR skillsets including: writing, presenting, pitching, planning, supporting crises, managing change, account management, financial planning, business development and creativity

PR skills

  • Maintains senior relationships within client base, key-opinion leaders and other third-party relationships; positioning Muckle Media as expert, business partner, informed and trusted counsel
  • Provides senior strategic lead in maintaining and developing client relationships; positioning Muckle Media as key business partner at all times
  • Has accountability for meeting client expectations at all times and is able to work with the team to deliver results
  • Has accountability for ensuring evaluation and measurement of PR programmes within teams
  • PR planning – determines course of action for the whole team on client programmes, timescales, deadlines, reviewing to ensure targets are met
  • Writing – produces first-class and creative written work at all times
  • Quality standards – sets high quality standards, has an eye for detail

Administrative/agency operations

  • Inputs into business plan and strategic direction of the company via knowledge of market trends, to ensure long term, future growth and success. Ensures business plan is understood and implemented throughout the company
  • Supports company culture wholeheartedly
  • Ensures effective financial management of the group accounts, including contracts, creditors and debtors, overheads, fees and disbursement margins

Client services

  • Leads strategy development for clients’ programmes
  • Client retention – remains committed to retaining clients through developing strong relationships with client contacts
  • Has in-depth understanding of the range of communications techniques required to execute PR programmes effectively and professionally

Account management and strategic thinking and planning

  • Provides daily leadership, direction and guidance to account teams
  • Capacity planning – accountability for resource planning for the practice group; plans ahead to avoid over or under-servicing and maintains profitability
  • Develops solid business plans and budgets
  • Monitors financial expenditure/fee income/business growth; inputs to finance and management teams
  • Learns proactively about client businesses, new developments in the market and uses them to the client’s advantage

Business development

  • Drives Muckle Media’s new business philosophy – initiates, leads and wins new business
  • Takes leading role in both credentials meetings and pitches; coaches others to pitch successfully
  • Develops creative programmes for new and existing clients in order to increase company turnover; converts new business opportunities into revenue
  • Promotes company reputation in an effort to increase interest and income

People management

  • Supports the company’s succession plan, helps develop staff for greater responsibility and promotion
  • Sets an impeccable management style to support company’s philosophy and culture
  • Staff issues resolution – assists others in identifying and resolving staff issues; shows a mature, professional approach at all times to avoid internal conflicts; and seeks to ensure the company meets its employment obligations
  • Super line management in terms of timely appraisals, follow-up, identifying training needs, coaching and mentoring
  • Recruitment and selection – takes an active role in recruiting new employees
What Mr T and Bandabi say to humankind…#FearlessForMedals

What Mr T and Bandabi say to humankind…#FearlessForMedals

What Mr T and Bandabi say to humankind…#FearlessForMedals

Bandabi, the official mascot of the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics, is an Asiatic Black Bear symbolising courage. At first, Bandabi would seem to have nothing at all in common with the American wrestler turned actor, Mr T, famed for his role in the TV series the A-Team. However, both are sending a message to the Games’ audiences about the strength of character that overrides any physical limitations for Paralympic athletes. Mr T supported the curling events at the February Winter Olympics by tweeting about his newfound admiration for the sport in his trademark style “Curling is cool fool.” Now he has won the hearts of many involved in the Paralympics by tweeting “I said it before and I’ll say it again.. curling is cool fool! But wheelchairs curling, more cooler!”

Mr T has gone on to reveal that he is so inspired by the Paralympic athletes he would ‘pity himself’ for ever complaining again, knowing what he does about them. But what do we know about the UK’s Paralympic snowsport athletes? Well, four years ago in Sochi, the Paralympics GB team enjoyed the most successful Games of modern times, winning six medals, and the target medal haul for Pyeongchang is seven medals.

Team GB comprises of five wheelchair curlers, Scott Meenagh competing in both biathlon and cross-country, six para-skiers and three para-snowboarders. Clearly we have a team with great courage – imagine hurtling down the mountain side at speed with spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, amputation or visual impairment or snowboarding by navigating jumps, banks and turns with upper or lower limb impairments? That’s fearless in my book!

So far, Meena Fitzpatrick and her guide Jen Kehoe have scooped silver for GB in the women’s giant slalom visually impaired and have also claimed another silver in the women’s super-combined event, both on day one. The pair later took Bronze in the women’s Super G visually impaired on day two. In that same event, Millie Knight and her guide Brett Wild took the silver medal. Both ladies have less than 5% vision and so put complete trust in their guide to provide audible communication as they race, usually by Bluetooth.

Four medals so far, and so much still to come. I’m literally gripped as I watch all the competitions, where the hopes and dreams of the participants go hand in hand with their fearless focus.

As Mr T himself says #PityTheFoolwhodontwatchtheParalympics

Here at Muckle Media we pride ourselves on our fearless approach to communication that matters – we’re behind all the fearless competitors at PyeongChang Paralympics. #FearlessForMedals