Delivering press coverage on a global scale

Delivering press coverage on a global scale

Delivering press coverage on a global scale

Following our campaign with the Loch Ness Centre this summer, Alastair Campbell called Nessie Scotland’s ‘Golden Goose’ on his ‘The Rest is Politics’ podcast, saying it was ‘PR of the highest order’, and even gave the Centre’s General Manager, Paul Nixon, a shoutout for his fantastic yellow suit. Admittedly, it felt nice to get praise from someone like Alistair Campbell, but what exactly did we do to deserve it?

Following a £1.5 million investment in the Loch Ness Centre and Deepscan cruises from leading UK tourist attraction manager Continuum Attractions, we were tasked with delivering global coverage to bring tourists to the centre.

Loch Ness Centre were arranging ‘The Quest’ – a weekend of events at the end of August arranged in partnership with Loch Ness Exploration’s (LNE), an independent and voluntary research team, for volunteers to search the famous waters of Loch Ness and uncover its mysteries.

We knew there is always interest in Nessie, but we wanted to make sure we had something that would capture the attention of the world.

After research, we found out that we could position ‘The Quest’ as the largest search in over 50 years with new technology being used to search the waters of the Loch – this was the hook we were looking for.

Through strong media relations when we launched ‘The Quest’ we secured significant global media coverage.

One week from the event, we drafted a further press release calling for Monster Hunters across the globe to sign up and watch the live web cams of the Loch over the weekend, and search for anything unexplained.

Over ‘The Quest’ weekend, we managed media invites and the media schedule pre and during the weekend, with media on site from the Washington Post to German broadcasters ZDF and Australia’s ABC.

Finally, Following the weekend, we followed up with media once again with details of findings from the weekend, keeping the legend of Nessie well and truly alive.

Over a 4-week period, we generated over 2,300 pieces of coverage with media secured across the globe, including New York Post, Washington Post, BBC, and The Guardian and over 192 pieces of broadcast coverage including Good Morning America, BBC Radio 2, BBC Breakfast and Sky News.

During the period, over 6,000 people visited the Quest part of the Loch Ness Centre website, and over 200 people volunteered to take part in the hunt arriving from countries including the US, Canada, Poland, and Denmark, and over 300 people from across the world watched the live stream.

So what can we learn this?

It’s not every day you get a world-famous beast as part of your PR arsenal, but there are lessons to learn, we took an event and elevated it with a key hook on being the ‘biggest’, we also created several story moments to keep up momentum, and maybe most importantly we made the event open to everyone with a live stream making the event truly global.

If you want to hear how we can help elevate your PR and stories, get in touch. And if you want to hear what Alastair Campbell had to say about the campaign, you can hear it here from 10.50:

My internship with Muckle Media

My internship with Muckle Media

My internship with Muckle Media

Written by Chloe Ainslie

I joined Muckle Media for a three-week internship. As a recent graduate from Queen Margaret University, I was nervous but keen to start building up my professional skillset now that I was no longer a student.

Although I had graduated with a degree in Film and Media, I had never directly done anything in PR, and I couldn’t really tell you what it meant if you were to ask me at the start. Regardless, I was ready to start, and didn’t expect the experience to be as fulfilling and enjoyable as it was!

I took part in a range of tasks whilst at Muckle, such as, assisting with the launch of a new restaurant, doing deep dives into the food and drink industry and its community, drafting copy and more.

The work was one of the strongest aspects, challenging my tech and communications skills whilst teaching me about a range of different topics and companies. There was a sense of being ‘behind the scenes’ which made me feel very accomplished. But undoubtedly the best part was the people. I got to work with very kind, helpful and patient colleagues who helped me feel more confident as the weeks progressed. Some days would be slower than others and I could sometimes feel a bit shy about asking for more things to do but ultimately, I was met with warmth and helpfulness.

I am very happy I was given this opportunity to intern for Muckle Media. It was a rewarding and worthwhile experience that turned out to be the ideal start for professional life after university. I now have a better definition for PR from when I first started – sheer variety and surprisingly fun!

P.S – there’s an on-site barista, beer taps in the Edinburgh office AND it’s dog friendly. Easily the best workplace I’ve been to.

Muckle Media becomes gold standard four-day week employer

Muckle Media becomes gold standard four-day week employer

Muckle Media becomes gold standard four-day week employer

As a further commitment to its employee proposition, ‘Bright Careers. Realised.’ Muckle Media has accredited with The 4 Day Week Campaign and secured gold status. The agency now operates a four-day week, with the team working either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday, for full time pay.

Muckle Media trialled a four-day week during the summer, with the introduction of weekly team wellbeing days, and measured productivity and team happiness. Productivity, which is measured as the percentage of team time attributed to billable work, increased eight percentage points during the trial, despite the trial falling during the summer when the most annual leave is taken. Happiness, measured by employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) increased from 23 in June to 53 in October, on a scale of -100 to 100, with over 50 classed as excellent.

The agency has also introduced further benefits this year, with eight weeks of holiday and enhanced maternity package including a month’s wages pre-baby to help with buying baby equipment.

Muckle Media Founder, Nathalie Agnew, said,

“We are continuously looking for ways to ensure our team have a good work/life balance and are able to deliver exceptional results, without undue stress and pressure. As a B-Corp we are committed to finding ways to support our team wherever possible. We appreciate the environment we work in is fast moving, so we will always have appropriate support available to clients, particularly in a crisis or when a fast turnaround opportunity arises.”

Joe Ryle, Director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, said:

“The four-day week with no loss of pay improves productivity, and is a win-win for both workers and employers. Workers are desperate for a better work-life balance after the Covid pandemic and now is the perfect time for companies to implement a four-day week. Organisations should adopt the four-day week as a way of retaining staff, attracting new talent and embracing the future of work.”

You can find out more about the 4-day week campaign here:


Isle of Harris Distillers Perfectly Paired with Taste  ​

Isle of Harris Distillers Perfectly Paired with Taste ​

Isle of Harris Distillers Perfectly Paired with Taste

Creative communications agency Taste has been appointed by Isle of Harris Distillers to support its PR in 2023.

A dedicated food, drink and hospitality PR brand, now part of the Muckle Media Group, Taste was appointed by the Hebridean distillery company following a competitive pitch process.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of a busy year for Taste, which helped to deliver the most successful Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival on record and supported the launch of Edinburgh’s Gleneagles Townhouse – the first outpost for the iconic luxury hotel beyond the Perthshire hills.

The experienced team will be supporting PR activity throughout an exciting period of growth for Isle of Harris Distillers, which is set to launch its first ever Single Malt Scotch Whisky in September 2023. Founded in 2015, the distiller has become renowned for its award-winning gin produced on the picturesque Isle of Harris.

Founder and Managing Director of Muckle Media, Nathalie Agnew, said: “This is dream client territory for our dedicated food, drink and hospitality division. We are honoured to be onboard with Isle of Harris Distillers, helping to tell its story at such a pivotal moment in the business’ history.”

Mike Donald, Chief Storyteller at Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd, said: “We’re excited to partner with the team at Taste as we look to share our distillery story even wider than before. It’s a big year for us here in Harris as we launch our first historic whisky The Hearach and continue to grow our family of Isle of Harris Gin fans across the globe. Taste have impressed us with their understanding of our brand, enthusiasm, and creative ideas even at this early stage in our journey together. We’re very much look forward to working together and writing the next chapter of the social distillery.”

The Muckle Media Group has continued to grow over the last 12 months with a number of new client wins and the acquisition of Taste Communications – Scotland’s first food, drink and hospitality agency – in April 2022.

The creative agency has offices in four of Scotland’s major cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Muckle Media to help shine light on Edinburgh’s history with The Real Mary King’s Close

Muckle Media to help shine light on Edinburgh’s history with The Real Mary King’s Close

Muckle Media to help shine light on Edinburgh’s history with The Real Mary King's Close

We are delighted to have been appointed by one of Edinburgh’s unique historic tourist attractions, The Real Mary King’s Close, to support with its PR on a retained basis.

Following a competitive pitch process, Muckle Media was appointed to support The Real Mary King’s Close on a number of campaign activations, events, and announcements throughout 2023 and beyond.

Muckle Media Director, Chris Batchelor, said: “As the tourism sector gets back up and running again, we’re delighted to be working alongside one of Edinburgh’s top tourist attractions and promote all the fantastic work and events they have planned throughout 2023. We have loved getting to know the team at The Real Mary King’s Close and looking forward to working with, and becoming an extension of, the team over the course of the year.”

The Real Mary King’s Close Marketing Manager, Emilie Lumineau, said: “2023 is a special year for us at The Real Mary King’s Close, as it has been 20 years since we started telling the stories of Edinburgh’s past residents in these underground streets. We were impressed with Muckle Media’s creativity and the team’s enthusiasm for our brand and the site’s history. We are excited to start working together on some exciting campaigns throughout the year.”

Best of 2022

Best of 2022

2022 is officially over! We wanted to reflect on some of the outstanding work in the industry over the last 12 months as we move ahead to 2023 (that wasn’t by us!). Here is a selection of some of our team members’ favourite campaigns, what was your favourite?


Amy – Francis Bourgeois X Gucci X The North Face

It’s incredible how TikTok has evolved into the app that turns normal people into celebrities. Cue Francis Bourgeois, beloved TikTok trainspotter. Over the past 12 months, the 22-year-old has been delighting TikTok audiences with his love for “magnificent locos”. It’s hard not to fall in love with his authentic enthusiasm and passion for all things trains. Whilst at first viewers were sceptical whether Bourgeois was merely a character, it’s become pretty clear that Francis is just really into his trains.

Francis’ persona is captured by his natural wit and awkward charm paired with his rather old-fashioned clothes. So, it only seemed a natural fit when major fashion house Gucci invited him to be the face of their collaboration campaign with The North Face. The campaign featured a short film, where viewers see Bourgeois as a train conductor, calling the arrival of a train with youthful passengers heading to the mountains, adorning 90’s style The North Face x Gucci Kit.

The campaign worked really well and it’s only the beginning of the crossover between internet culture and high-end luxury fashion. The campaign generated a huge amount of attention, both on social and beyond.

Credit: Tom Dream / Highsnobiety

Cat – Love Island X eBay Preloved

It’s one of the nation’s most popular TV shows – and while it has become a firm favourite in my household (and many others) for its classic one-liners, petty drama and general summer escapism, Love Island has attracted its fair share of criticism over the years.

Fast forward to June 2022 when a summer of love in Mallorca approaches and the ITV2 show announces it will be no longer working with fast fashion partners, but rather it will be “coupling up” with eBay for the very first time to dress all the contestants during their time in the villa. With huge potential for advertising spending, it was a daring, but necessary move from the Love Island PR team to decide fast fashion wasn’t “its type on paper” anymore 💔

Cue a massive positive response from both traditional and social media. The public lapped up this good news story, showing that taking genuinely positive and considered steps to reduce environmental impact will always be attractive.

Credit: eBay


Kirsten – PRH unburnable Handmaids Tale

The subject of censorship has always been a sizzling, hot topic in the world. In 1959, Britain launched the Obscene Publications Act, which allowed the censoring of publications for the ‘public good’. Penguin Random House has a personal history with this type of censorship, with Penguin Books ending up at the centre of the Lady Chatterley Trial in 1960 in a bid to censor D.H. Lawrence’s book. So, it makes sense that this year PRH came out with an unburnable copy of their dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, perfect for reminding people of the book after the release of the TV show’s fifth season.

Recently, the discussion around censorship has been cropping back up, with the American Library Association reporting a spike in organisations trying to ban books in schools. Penguin Random House has refreshed the conversation in a stylish, attention-grabbing way with this lovely copy.

Constructed using white heat shield foil pages, the unburnable book features a phenolic hardcover, stainless steel head and tail bands, and not to forget the black Cinefoil dust jacket. Not only was it an impressive-looking copy, but PRH got Margaret Atwood in on the action for a dramatic ad to prove its lack of flammability by brandishing a flamethrower. The copy was auctioned and sold in New York to raise money for PEN America in support of their non-profit work for freedom of expression and human rights, for an impressive $130,000.

I think this PR work is brilliant because of this. It brings The Handmaid’s Tale back into the media in a stylish and thought-provoking way and helps a great cause while it’s at it. The Media seemed to love it, with the campaign gaining more than 3.5 billion impressions and earning over $33 million.

Credit: Penguin Random House


Chris – The city of Copenhagen elevated its public benches to raise awareness of rising sea levels.

The best ideas are the simplest, and I think the stunt from TV 2 Denmark sent out a strong message about the dangers of the climate crisis and rising sea levels. Taking a new approach to climate change communication, the TV channel installed elevated benches that would withstand rising sea levels – the stunt was thought-provoking and sent a stark message to people as to what the future could look like.

All the benches were fitted with a copper plaque reading: ‘Flooding will become part of our everyday life unless we start doing something about our climate. According to the latest UN Climate Report, sea levels are expected to rise by 1 meter by 2100 if global warming continues.’

The campaign was supported by a TV spot, outdoor print ads and an influencer campaign – it got people’s attention and sounded the alarm on climate change, it is now up to us.

Credit: Maria Schumann & Kristian Vestergaard


Bella – Corn Kid x Chipotle

Quickly after the corn kid went viral on social channels Chipotle’s social media team got involved whilst it was still trending and relevant and involved the young boy in a simple, original, and funny Tik Tok video that also went viral. It’s a great example of efficient and reactive comms and how important staying on top of social media trends is

Credit: Chipotle

Jacquelyn – Gender Pay Gap Bot 

I love any campaign that has a true cause at its heart. Not a stunt, for the sake of a stunt, something that is really trying to drive a change in behaviour and make us better. Back in March, the Gender Pay Gap Bot absolutely won International Women’s Day. Every time one of the hundreds of companies posted a half-baked sentiment about female empowerment using #IWD, the Twitter account @PayGapApp quote tweeted them along with their gender pay gap. The anonymous bot (later revealed to be copywriter Francesca Lawson and her software developer partner Ali Fensome) dominated Twitter and received national and international coverage. Huge companies, charities and councils were exposed and received a clear message that we want action, not ‘supportive’ tweets.

 Credit: Twitter /

The future of the workplace

The future of the workplace

The future of the workplace 

With the move into hybrid working, it’s only a matter of time before companies start attempting business in the Metaverse and the world of virtual reality. The way we work is changing, more people are working remotely and want flexible work options.

In 2021 Meta developed and launched Horizon Workrooms, the core metaverse app for business. Horizon Workrooms is the VR workspace for teams to connect, collaborate and create, breaking down the barriers of hybrid working and helping businesses create an immersive presence regardless of where you are. Meta allows users to meet teammates across the table, even if they’re across the world—and transform your home office into your favourite remote meeting room. It was designed to connect remote workers and remove the feelings of loneliness and isolation that are often a result of hybrid working.  Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta founder, describes the ‘metaverse’ as “an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content – you are in it”.

Whilst Horizon Workrooms is free to access, users need a ‘Meta quest 2’ headset to use the Horizon Workrooms app, which retail at £349.99. For businesses, the cost of using Horizon Workrooms is a drastic price comparison to other digital workspace applications that already exist. Microsoft Teams, is one of the markets leading competitors with 90% of UK businesses currently using it as the main form of workplace communication, especially implemented in hybrid workplaces.

Horizon Workrooms begs the question, do workers want to put on a headset and communicate with each other through cartoonish avatars?

It’s not just the price that separates Horizon Workrooms to its competitors. Technologies like VR and AR pose a danger to introduce new systems of employee monitoring and control. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surge in “bossware,” or software that allows bosses to keep tabs on every move their remote employees make. Such a dynamic could very well be intensified by technologies like VR and AR, which depend on the collection and processing of enormous amounts of data about users and their environments to function.

It remains to be seen whether or not we are prepared to start wearing virtual reality headsets in order to collaborate and participate in more immersive and engaging virtual meetings. Ultimately, simulating a conference room environment won’t make communication and collaboration more efficient, and replicating the feeling of being with colleagues certainly isn’t a quick fix for staff isolation.

Credit: Meta

Muckle Gift Guide 2022

Muckle Gift Guide 2022


Muckle Media full of PRide after triple award win

Muckle Media full of PRide after triple award win

We celebrated three award wins last month at the CIPR PRide Awards 2022, taking home both the gold and silver award for Consumer Relations Campaign and the silver award for Corporate and Business Communications Campaign. 

We won gold in the Consumer Relations Campaign category with Bella & Duke for our campaign launching the UK’s most pet-friendly office, whilst securing the silver award in the same category for our media relations campaign reopening The Burrell Collection, partnered with Glasgow Life.  

We successfully took home silver for the Corporate and Business Communications Campaign award for our Pledge People Not Bots campaign, delivered with AnywhereWorks – a campaign that saw us bring the limitations of bots to life with the brilliant Sally Phillips. 

We were also shortlisted for a number of other awards including Public Sector Campaign; Integrated Campaign; Low Budget Campaign; Travel, Leisure, or Tourism Campaign; Scottish Campaign of the Year and PR Consultancy of the Year.  

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Muckle Media celebrates 10th birthday with seven new staff members, continued growth and award wins

Muckle Media celebrates 10th birthday with seven new staff members, continued growth and award wins

Muckle Media celebrates 10th birthday with seven new staff members, continued growth and award wins 

Muckle Media is celebrating a decade of award-winning work, including recent wins at the CIPR Awards, and being named Scotland’s Large Consultancy of the year 2022 at the PRCA DARE Award.

Following sustained growth, the team is excited to welcome four new staff members.

Kirsty Anderson has joined the Edinburgh team as an Account Director. Kirsty has a passion for retail and specialises in consumer and corporate relations, having previously led on the Scottish PR for national retailer, M&S, for six years.

Vicky Tibbitt has joined the Glasgow team as an Account Manager, working across the agency’s B2B accounts. Vicky has a large range of experience across the public and third sectors, including social enterprise.

Olivia Messina, from New York, has joined the team as a Senior Account Executive. Olivia’s passion for food will make her a fantastic asset to the agency’s food and drink clients. Claire Blair also joins the Muckle Media team as PA and Event Manager, her years of experience working in London and Glasgow as a top agency PA and internationally as an event manager have given her the integral skills to assist with any project.

Furthermore, we are also delighted to welcome three new trainees to the team, as the agency continues to commit in developing the future talent in the industry. Amy Anthoney, Ellen Carter and Kirsten McKenna have all joined as trainee PR account executives.

Several of the existing agency team have also been promoted, in line with the agency’s focus on offering a rewarding career path and promoting within. Toni Dowling becomes Account Manager, Bobby Thomson is promoted to Senior Account Executive and Maddie Cairnduff moves up to Account Executive. The agency has also continued to invest in Taste Communications, following its acquisition in April 2022.

Our Managing Director and Muckle Media Founder, Nathalie Agnew was working in London advising top global consumer brands on impactful communications strategy, before moving back to Scotland to start her own business. Muckle Media started in Dingwall and over 10 years Nathalie has grown the agency to have offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and Aberdeen as well as team members working remotely across the country.

Nathalie Agnew, Managing Director at Muckle Media said: “This month has been particularly exciting for Muckle, as we celebrate a decade full of award-winning work, we are now welcoming seven new staff members to join our growing team. It’s been an amazing journey and as the agency continues to grow we are looking forward to seeing what the next decade has in store for us, as we deliver the best work possible for our clients.”

Muckle Media has continued to grow throughout the year with a number of new client wins including the UK’s number one travel agent, Barrhead Travel, worldwide distributor of office supplies and workplace services, Lyreco, and business support group, UMi.

For more information on Muckle Media and the services we offer please get in touch at

Muckle Media DAREs to win big at PRCA Awards

Muckle Media DAREs to win big at PRCA Awards

Muckle Media DAREs to win big at PRCA Awards


Muckle Media, the creative communications agency, has been named Scotland’s top Large Consultancy of the Year 2022 at the PRCA DARE Awards in Glasgow.


The event, attended by representatives from across Scotland’s public, private and third sector communications industry, was held at the Trades Hall in Glasgow. This is Muckle Media’s first time winning the large consultancy gong, having held the small consultancy and medium consultancy awards in previous years.


The award is testament to the agency’s prolonged period of growth, securing new clients and growing the agency team across four Scottish offices. Other winners on the night included Police Scotland and in-house team of the year Argyll and Bute Council.


Muckle Media is currently recruiting into its offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness and also offers remote roles under its work where you want to work policy.


Find out more about working at Scotland’s top PR agency here:

Muckle Media flies high with Barrhead Travel appointment

Muckle Media flies high with Barrhead Travel appointment

Muckle Media flies high with Barrhead Travel appointment

We are delighted to have been appointed by the UK’s number one travelagent Barrhead Travel, an Internova Travel Group company, to support with its PR on a retained basis.

Following a competitive pitch process, Muckle Media was appointed to support BarrheadTravel on a number of campaign activations and announcements throughout 2022 and beyond, including continued support of the brand’s “Book Human, Book Barrhead Travel” campaign that launched at the start of the year.

Muckle Media Director, Chris Batchelor, said: “As the travel sector gets back up and running again, we’re delighted to be working alongside the UK’s number one travel agent and promote all the fantastic work they’re doing. We have loved getting to know the team at Barrhead Travel and looking forward to working with, and becoming an extension of, the team over the course of 2022 to make sure it is a success.”

Jacqueline Dobson, President of Barrhead Travel, said: “Travel is, finally, on the minds of consumers across the country after two long years of lockdown and we have plenty of news to share as travellers return to their high street agencies.

“We’re really pleased to be working with Muckle Media who demonstrated excellent knowledge of retail PR activity and creative solutions to some of our most complex messaging challenges.”

This latest win for Muckle Media forms part of the creative agencies continued growth over the last 12 months following the acquisition with food and drink agency Taste Communications.