Edinburgh PR agency shares how to find your ‘golden egg’ insight – Recap from our first #CommsCamp webinar

Edinburgh PR agency shares how to find your ‘golden egg’ insight – Recap from our first #CommsCamp webinar

With Muckle Media, Managing Director Nathalie Agnew and guest speaker, Former Head of Insights at Ralph Lauren Shruti Ahuja.

The first stage of Muckle Media’s communications planning wheel is ‘insights’, which was the topic of last week’s #CommsCamp session. We discussed the different tolls and data sets that can be used to identify insights and interviewed Shruti about finding what she calls the ‘golden egg’. This is essentially an amazing piece of data or insight from which we can build a purposeful communications campaign.

You can never know enough about your audience

You can never know enough about your audience, particularly at the moment when things are changing constantly! The first piece of advice was to profile the audience as deeply as possible, and once that’s done profile some more. Shruti describes insights as a piece of information that can help make smarter decision for a business’s function, it goes beyond sharing numbers and should tell a clear story – perfect for the natural storytellers in communications teams! There are endless avenues you can explore to find these insights, a good starting is looking at adjacent markets you’re in. This could provide you with learnings of best practice in a different way to your industry.

Look at existing audiences first

Another easy to access alternative would be looking at demographics from existing customers but be cautious as the customer you’re going after might not be the same as the one you already have. Other examples could include focus groups, paid research, government data, forums and competitor analysis to name a few. There are also numerous tools to help you interrogate public and search engine data, such as ‘Answer The Public’, which provides free real time access to common search terms for a topic of your choice.

Use data to tell a story

As Shruti and Nathalie both mentioned, data needs to tell a story and with big spreadsheets it can get lost amongst the figures. So, once you’ve gathered insights, it’s important to cut the information and check the insight is correct and not just a coincidence.

Consider audience profiles or personas

You can then use these insights to think about who you’re targeting, this could involve things like segmentation, creating your dream customer or making a persona (which Nathalie feels is making a comeback!). For example, creating your ideal customer as a person and thinking about their behaviours e.g. what does Sally enjoy doing? What social networks does she use? Who does she live with and what does she do on the weekend? It can help you envision who exactly it is you are targeting. Shruti adds that a great way of creating insights on a budget would be starting with an audit using tools available to hand and look at diversifying your current audience.

Finding the ‘golden egg’

Once you’ve got this really detailed profile of who you want to target with your message, it makes it much easier to shape and mould. A lot of market insights can be found in similar places as the audience insights, but some additional platforms include trade magazines, thought leadership and industry experts. By blending predicted industry trends and audience insights you will ultimately find the ‘golden egg’.

Follow a process

It’s beneficial to follow a three-step process – review, audit and decide. This will help you create more focused campaigns that reach the right audience with the right message. Insights act as a critical friend to your communications team and help give clarity to your plan. In this day and age, it’s imperative that you continue to follow new market and audience insights and update your communications strategy accordingly.

Keep learning

And as Shruti concluded ‘Having a passion for data is so important, you need to be analytical and think outside the box. Keep learning and finding out what is new in the market.’

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#CommsCamp – worksheet 2!

#CommsCamp – worksheet 2!

Welcome to #CommsCamp 🙂

Here is a link to download the second worksheet.

It covers our strategic communications capability diagnostic tool, which you can print off and mark up (alternatively we have an electronic version here: https://mucklemedia.co.uk/services/our-communications-wheel/)

There are also two pages to help form audience and sector insights which we discussed in last week’s session.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

#CommsCamp – worksheet 1!

#CommsCamp – worksheet 1!

Welcome to #CommsCamp 🙂

Here is a link to download the first worksheet.

It covers our strategic communications capability diagnostic tool, which you can print off and mark up (alternatively we have an electronic version here: https://mucklemedia.co.uk/services/our-communications-wheel/)

There are also two pages to help form audience and sector insights which we’ll discuss further on the call.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Limited edition launch gives whisky lovers once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of a new Scotch legacy

Limited edition launch gives whisky lovers once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of a new Scotch legacy

-Scotland’s most northerly mainland whisky distillery unveils its name – 8 Doors Distillery-

Whisky enthusiasts are being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, through a limited edition launch offer, to buy into Scotland’s most northerly mainland Scotch distillery, which today (6 October) unveils its name as ‘8 Doors Distillery’.

8 Doors Distillery is a new Scotch whisky micro-distillery and visitor centre set to open in John O’Groats in 2021, after planning permission was granted in March this year. The £1 million project will establish the first whisky producer in the Caithness village since 1837. It is a dream come true for its founders, local husband and wife team Kerry and Derek Campbell, who have developed a passion for Scotch over many years.

The new Highland Single Malt Whisky will be produced using the purest John O’Groats’ water extracted from a borehole on the distillery site. Its flavour profile will be deeply influenced by the local climate and its situation right beside the sea – hence its strapline ‘Whisky. From the Edge’.

With its limited edition launch offer 8 Doors Distillery is giving whisky lovers the opportunity to help create a new whisky legacy, saying the journey starts with the 874 Founders Club and the 874 Club. 

8 Doors Distillery is collaborating with renowned whisky master John Ramsay to create its exclusive launch products. John brings with him over 40 years’ experience in the whisky industry, having being involved in the making of some of Scotland’s most well-known whiskies including The Famous Grouse, The Glenrothes and The Macallan.

Kerry and Derek see their limited edition launch as the first step in an incredible journey to realise their distillery dream. They have named the 874 Club after one of the greatest journeys in the UK – the 874 miles between Land’s End and John O’Groats.

The 874 Founders Club offers the exclusive opportunity to become a member and buy one of a limited number of 50 litre and 250 litre Founders Casks. The 874 Founders Club cask packages will be available for sale exclusively through Whisky Hammer for an initial period of one month until 5 November. 

Those who join the 874 Club will receive a collection of three bottles from some of the first casks laid down and can purchase these packages directly from 8 Doors Distillery. 

  • 874 Founders Club – the top tier of membership, limited to 250 members. Founder members will get their hands on some truly unique casks of Highland Single Malt Whisky. There are 250 cask packages available from £1,600.
  • 874 Club – the core membership limited to 1,250 members. 874 Club members will get three 70cl bottles of exceptional Highland Single Malt Whisky. Matured in first-fill, tailor made casks from Spain, the three different expressions are derived from seasoning and oak types chosen by John Ramsay. These bottle packages are £420.

Both packages come with a host of benefits including a members’ card entitling the individual and a friend to free tours for life. Founders Club members will also be permanently recognised with their name on the Founders Display within the distillery.

The inspiration for the 8 Doors Distillery branding comes from the story of Jan de Groot, from whom the village of John O’Groats takes its name. Mr de Groot, a Dutchman who once plied a ferry from the Scottish mainland to Orkney, built his legendary house in the area during the reign of James IV (1488-1513). Mr de Groot’s seven descendants quarrelled about succession, so he decided to build an octagonal house with eight doors – one for him and each of his seven sons – and an eight-sided table so that nobody could sit at the ‘head of the table’.

The distillery on the 32,670 square feet site will have the capacity to produce up to 60,000 litres of whisky each year. The distillery and visitor centre will be housed in one large building and whisky will be matured in an on-site bonded warehouse. 

The founders are also taking advice from Ian Evans of whisky consultancy Distilled Experience who is a former Operations and Compliance Director with William Grant & Sons. 

Kerry Campbell, co-founder of 8 Doors Distillery, said: “The creation of our 8 Doors Distillery in John O’Groats and our limited edition launch is part of a dream come true for Derek and me. We have a long-held passion for whisky and for the local area in Caithness where we both grew up. We’re so pleased to be able to bring them together with the development of our distillery and visitor centre.

“We love whisky, and for us it’s more than just having an exceptional liquid in the glass.  It’s the stories that go alongside it, the memories of special occasions and get-togethers with family and friends. If we can be part of creating not only a fantastic whisky but also great memories for people who drink our whisky that would be amazing.

“We couldn’t think of anywhere better than John O’Groats to make whisky, partly thanks to the climate which we believe is perfect for distilling and maturation, and the great people who live here.  Since we’ve announced our plans to the build the distillery we’ve had lots of local support. And we’re delighted to be working with such industry experts as John Ramsay and Ian Evans for our launch products.

“We believe our limited edition offer provides an unmissable opportunity for whisky lovers across the world to join our 874 Club and be part of the creation of a new Scotch legacy. It truly is whisky from the edge.”

“And we’re pleased to be working with another independent Scottish family-run business, Whisky Hammer, as part of our launch campaign.  We’ve had direct experience of their premium service and passion for the whisky that passes through their doors so we can’t think of a better partner to launch our founders casks with.”   

John Ramsay said: “It has been wonderful to collaborate with Kerry and Derek at 8 Doors Distillery to help them realise their dream of a whisky that reflects the unique environment of John O’Groats. Having worked in the industry for many years, it’s great to be involved in producing the first whisky from Scotland’s most northerly mainland distillery. 

“8 Doors Distillery is particularly exciting for me as it’s the first Scotch whisky project I’ve been involved with since I retired in 2009 after 43 years in the industry. When I met Kerry and Derek and found out more about their desire to create a distillery in John O’Groats I wanted to get on board.

“One of the things that really appeals to me is their commitment to producing a whisky that involves maturation as much as distillation. They realise the importance of high-quality casks.

“We are developing a flavour profile that brings to life the local climate and the influence of the sea. Once the spirit has been matured on-site in carefully selected first-fill casks from Spain designed to our specifications, I believe we will be bringing something original to the world of whisky from this remote part of Caithness. 

Daniel Milne, co-founder of Whisky Hammer, said: “We’re excited to team up with Kerry and Derek at 8 Doors Distillery, and expect demand to be high for their exclusive 874 Founders Club cask packages. It’s great to see people with such a passion for Scotch bringing something new to the world of whisky. We would urge anyone interested in being part of this legacy to visit our site as soon as they can.”

Highlands and Islands Enterprise is investing up to £198,000 in the new venture. Keith Muir, the agency’s head of business growth in Caithness and Sutherland, said:  “This is a fantastic development, and it is great to see a project coming forward even in these difficult times that will be of real benefit to the tourism sector and to the local community.

“We are delighted to be able to help this local young couple fulfil their dreams of creating a new distillery in John O’ Groats. We look forward to the launch of 8 Doors Whisky and wish Kerry and Derek every success.”

Anyone interested in buying exclusive 8 Doors Distillery casks (available from midday on 6 October) or bottles (available from morning of 6 October) to create a new Scotch legacy should visit: 


Scottish Cake Entrepreneur Sets Sail to Portsmouth to Reveal Royal Commission

Scottish Cake Entrepreneur Sets Sail to Portsmouth to Reveal Royal Commission

3D Cakes Replica HMS Prince Wales cake prior to the commissioning in Portsmouth

200kg replica ship cake to be presented to HRH The Prince of Wales by 3D Cakes 

A 140cm tall x 160 long replica cake of the HMS Prince of Wales has been presented to Prince Charles in a special ceremony this week (Tuesday 10 December). 

The cake which was created by award-winning Scottish cake designers 3D Cakes and took over 300 hours to make, was presented as part of the commissioning ceremony of the HMS Prince of Wales in Portsmouth. 

3D Cakes, which has shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, was appointed by the Royal Navy through the Ministry of Defence to create the replica ship which weighed over 200kg and was made using over 8kg of flour and 190 eggs. 

The firm, which is the most awarded cake company in Scotland, has won 11 national awards and was awarded overall Cake Designer of Year at the The Scottish Wedding Awards 2019. 

David Duncan, founder and designer of 3D Cakes said: “Two years ago we created a cake for the commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth and we are honoured to have been asked to do the same again for HMS Prince of Wales. 

“We love the opportunity to get creative and have relished the challenge. We baked the cake in our Edinburgh shop and have transported it to Portsmouth before making some final touches – such as adding a floating aircraft near to the crest. The two ships are sisters, but we’ve ensured there are some differences this time around. We’ve recreated the crest of the ship at more than a meter high, standing upright on the back making it much more dramatic. Half of the ship is then sailing out of the crest. It’s of similar scale but even more detailed than before.  

 “We are really proud to be commissioned for a second cake and delighted to have created it from our Scottish base.”

3D Cakes which is home to the David Duncan Sugarcraft School offers cake masterclasses across both the Edinburgh and Glasgow stores and creates thousands of wedding and occasion cakes every year. 3D Cakes delivered more 2,500 wedding cakes across Scotland in 2019 from Inverness to The Borders. 


Notes to editors  

For more information or interview requests contact Muckle Media on 3dcakes@mucklemedia.co.uk or call 0131 228 9713

Quadruple Win for Muckle Media at PRCA DARE Awards

Quadruple Win for Muckle Media at PRCA DARE Awards

Muckle Media celebrated four wins at the PRCA DARE Awards last night, taking home the Medium Consultancy of the Year, Industry Leader of the Year, Rising Star of the Year, and Internal Communications Campaign of the Year gongs.

The creative communications agency with offices in Edinburgh and Inverness collected the awards at the coveted black-tie awards ceremony at the Kimpton Hotel on Charlotte Square in Edinburgh. 

The Medium Consultancy of the Year award was open to agencies with between 11-25 staff and celebrated excellence in financial performance, staff and client retention/acquisition, innovation and implementation of creative ideas. 

The Rising Star Award went to senior account executive Fiona Reyner, who has shown a fantastic can-do attitude and delivered strong results as a trusted advisor to a number of consumer clients since joining Muckle Media as an intern just over two years ago. 

The Industry Leader of the Year award went to Nathalie Agnew, who founded Muckle Media in 2012 after holding senior roles in global London based agencies. 

The Internal Communications Campaign Awards went to Muckle Media’s campaign for Heriot-Watt University, securing a record number of downloads for the internal communications platform MyHWU. 

Muckle Media’s work was also shortlisted for the Consumer Relations Award for the team’s work with Benromach Distillery, promoting whisky to a global audience and the Low Budget Campaign in support of the agency’s work with Simple Minds guitarist Ged Grimes, who launched a curated Gaelic music soundtrack to accompany the release of the video game The Bard’s Tale IV. 

Nathalie Agnew, Managing Director of Muckle Media, said: 

“We’ve had some exciting activity in early 2019, including the launch of our new sub-brand agency Relative PR which serves family owned businesses with specialist communications. Our wins tonight are testament to the fantastic team we’ve built up across our office network. Particular congratulations go to Fiona Reyner who was named Rising Star.” 

Muckle Media is also the current holder of the CIPR Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy award, which is won in October 2018.  

Find out more about Muckle Media here – www.mucklemedia.co.uk

A full list of winners can be found here – https://prcadareawards.com