Meet the team: Poppy Haggarty, Graduate PR Trainee

Meet the team: Poppy Haggarty, Graduate PR Trainee

1.     How did you get into PR – what’s your background?
 I studied in Edinburgh at Queen Margaret University; the course was BA Hons PR and Marketing. During the final year I undertook a placement in-house for a boutique hotel on an island. This placement really helped me gain an insight in to the PR industry. Also how important it is to be organised and good with your timekeeping, especially keeping to deadlines.
2.     What’s the best piece of coverage you’ve secured for a client?
I would say assisting in my second photo call in Edinburgh, for a Fringe client. As everyone who performs at the festival wants coverage!

3.     Is there anything you’ve done in your career that you’re particularly proud of?

It would be being asked to stay at Muckle Media for a longer period of time than my initial three month internship. As I am eager to extend my knowledge and I wouldn’t want to stop the learning process. Also being part of the conference team for the successful Cold Water Island conference prior to joining Muckle Media was a great experience. It gave me a real first-hand insight into what really goes in to putting on an event. 
4.     What brands/startups do you think are doing a great job with their PR and marketing at the moment?
For a café that solely sells cereal the CereaI Killer café is having great success. Being in the spotlight on numerous occasions for selling expensive cereal in one of London’s most deprived areas, they have managed to turn round even negative stories they have faced. One incident involving a channel 4 reporter actually resulted in queues going out the door. After only opening in December 2014, they have already expanded and opened another café. Unusual stunts such as an early morning rave fittingly sponsored by Alpro means they are a regular in the tabloids, including the Metro. I think it’s good for brands to engage with their customers on social media and not just advertising all their products. If a brand seems fun or informative I’d be more inclined to follow them.
5.     What’s been your biggest achievement out of work?
In primary school I won a competition to have my design used as one of the North Ayrshire Council’s Christmas cards. I was ecstatic about this as art was one of my favourite subjects, and still is a hobby of mine. Also being part of the cross country running team gave me a sense of achievement. It was a great feeling being part of a team but also to individually motivate yourself.

6.     What’s your favourite song at the moment?

I’m not that great with keeping up with music, anything upbeat and lively usually works for me.

7.     How do you like to spend your free time?
I’m currently living in Glasgow, having never lived there before I like to go out and explore the city. So you’ll either find me out socialising or trying to organise the next festival I’m going too. For me summer time is all about going to festivals. Let the planning commence.

8.     What are your ambitions for the future, in and out of work?

Although I don’t have a specific time frame for how I want things to go, I definitely would like to progress in PR. Importantly to work with some great people is always a bonus. Out of work my ambitions for the future would be to travel and see the world more. Firstly I need to make my flat more homely!