Giant Easter eggs and edible billboards: How can brands use PR this Easter?

Giant Easter eggs and edible billboards: How can brands use PR this Easter?

Holidays can be great for public relations. Christmas gift guides let consumers see your latest product, January is great for exercise DVDs and gadgets and Halloween is perfect for costumes and sweets. But what about Easter? We take a look at how brands have tied their product to the holiday using public relations and social media.

Spring has sprung

Easter signifies the beginning of spring with people looking to freshen up their homes or counting down the days until summer. Spring cleaning products, summer clothes and activities to partake in as the weather improves can prove successful.

Activities for kids are always popular with school holidays so Easter egg hunts are commonplace, but what else can brands do?

Easter PR stunts  

Easter has been used by some relevant brands to promote their latest products. A few years back, chocolate brand Thorntons launched an edible chocolate billboard to promote their seasonal products. Thorntons planned for the billboard to be in place for a week but was eaten within five hours! The stunt gained wide ranging media coverage and boosted slowing profits.

Faberge previously created a giant Easter egg hunt around London with the fibreglass eggs being designed by the likes of Sir Ridley Scott and Vivien Westwood. Egg hunters posted their photos to social media, providing reach well beyond London.

This year, luxury jewellery brand Shawish has created the world’s most expensive Easter egg. The £28,000 egg contains a diamond pendant on an 18-carat white gold chain rather than your standard chocolate munchies though.

Another recent product announcement that was revealed as a hoax was a machine that claimed to turn water into wine in three days! The machine was actually a PR stunt for Wine to Water, a charity that provides people around the world with access to clean drinking water. The stunt gained plenty of media coverage and social media shares, therefore raising awareness of the charity.

With creativity, it is possible to turn many campaigns into attention grabbing Easter PR stunts. Will you be having an Easter egg hunt or trying something a bit more adventurous this year?