Choosing the right social media for your brand

Choosing the right social media for your brand

It’s clear how important social media has become for brands wishing to reach consumers. In fact, the number of internet users on social media has jumped from 9% in 2005 to a massive 89% in 2013 according to (

With more and more social networking sites being used, it’s important for brands to utilise platforms that will help connect with its target audience. With countless brands competing for attention, how does your product or service stand out among the ever growing crowd?

The most popular social network continues to be Facebook, with 62% of internet users actively logging in. A report by IDC found that smartphone users login to Facebook an incredible 14 times a day (  51% of internet users are on Twitter, whereas 44% are on Google+. And there are the up-and-coming networks – Pinterest had the highest growth rate of 88% from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013, followed by blogging site Tumblr with 74%, also according to

Most Facebook users access the site via smartphones so having your website optimised for mobile use is a good way to ensure browsers stay there longer. Building a community of loyal fans by posting relevant content, links to blog posts and appealing imagery is important and sponsored ads can help boost your reach to their friends.

Got the hang of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr? Then you could expand to the newer social networking sites Snapchat, Vine, Instagram or WhatsApp. These are popular with teenagers, so if your target market is the younger generation, these could be useful tools. In October 2013, photo messaging app Snapchat was handling 350 million posts per day, steadily making its way towards the likes of Twitter which was handling 500 million per day.

Vine has also been making its way up the ranks. Brands can create interesting videos of product teasers or showcases which can then be shared on other social media platforms.

Easily accessible social media platforms can provide your brand with great opportunities for exposure and ensuring your brand is present across a number of platforms, as well as delivering engaging and relevant content, will increase the chances of being seen by potential customers.