Why should brands be pinning on Pinterest?

Why should brands be pinning on Pinterest?

Have great imagery for your product but don’t know how best to display it on social media? Image rich social media platforms such as Pinterest could be just what you’re looking for.

Pinterest allows users to pin their favourite images to specific boards; whether it’s creating a wish-list of gadgets or using it as inspiration for their dream home. Brands can tap into this, letting consumers see the latest products and then, hopefully, adding them to their must-have list!

Research conducted by www.visioncritical.com has found that Pinterest is the social network most likely to drive spontaneous purchases, whereas sites like Twitter and Facebook are more likely to be used when researching or considering a purchase.

The study also found that consumers are now ‘reverse showrooming’ meaning that they see products on Pinterest then head in-store to look in more detail or purchase. A huge 41% of those surveyed admitted to doing this – what more reason do you need to make sure your products are ‘pinned’?

Users can also add their own description to photos when re-pinning them; these can act as mini-reviews that can be seen by other users. The re-pins increase the chances of your brand being seen by other users, in turn increasing brand awareness.

Pinterest is utilised by brands across the board from fashion and jewellery to technology, home furnishing and motoring.
Brands can run competitions, come up with creative board titles and re-pin content. It is important that brands pin different content, rather than just its own products as this encourages interaction. Pins that link to other blogs and articles increase the chances of your account being seen by potential followers.

Used alongside and integrated with other social media such as Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest can be a key part of marketing strategies.

Hopefully, before long, your brand will be discovered by pinners, desperate to get their hands on your product!