The value of video as part of the PR mix

The value of video as part of the PR mix

At Muckle Media this year we took the conscious decision to invest in video. We now have a dedicated in-house videographer who is integrated across all our accounts.

Whether as an internal tool to provide new content for the website, social media or company presentations or as part of a PR campaign to specifically reach target audiences, the value of video has never been greater. Video now dominates online content and with more and more of that content is being consumed via smartphones, audiences can be reached on the move from their commute to their couch.

Video is easy to share but it is also easier than you might think to create. Effective videos can be produced for all sizes of budget and can really add value to a campaign and engage your audience directly.

Working alongside traditional media
Video and traditional media go hand in hand. Video content accompanying a press release and resulting coverage can give your story a longer shelf life. The lines are so blurred now between content that takes off on social media and ‘news’ driven by traditional media that broadcasters will often be influenced by the popularity of a story that started online and if you can provide raw footage, they will take it.

Demonstrate your work
A short video can say a thousand words, audio-visual case study content for your website is a great way to attract new business and display your best work. It can also be used for presentations or at pitches. Video testimonials are an authentic way to demonstrate customer feedback and third party endorsement. Using a video to evaluate the success of a campaign can help strengthen client relationships and secure future work.

Video is an essential aspect to any event
Whether you are showing video content at the event, filming the conference to post online later, or live streaming – analysing the best use of video for an upcoming event can help increase its success. Trailers or short teaser videos can help build a buzz about future events and are particularly useful for use on Twitter or Instagram where videos are often much shorter.

Show company culture
Video can also bring your culture to life, allowing you to choose the style and tone you want to set with your audience online. This could be as simple as recording your own take on a viral online challenge.

Meet the team video profiles can add personality and highlight key attributes of your staff. Internal training videos are an effective way to engage new and current staff and are an important part of continued professional development.

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