The 12 days of Christmas: Campaign advice to help you stand out over the festive period

The 12 days of Christmas: Campaign advice to help you stand out over the festive period

Christmas can be a prime opportunity for startups and other businesses to reach new audiences and boosts sales, given they use the right techniques. We count down our top 12 tips on maximising the impact of your business on the run-up to Christmas.

  1. Run Christmas promotions

Everyone loves a special offer and for startups it can provide great opportunities to reach new consumers on the run-up to Christmas. Many businesses utilise websites such as Wowcher to offer deals to people in the area. Why not also offer incentives such as 10% off their next order for any friends a customer introduces. Why not also offer discounts post-Christmas with a January sale. Make sure you advertise it on social media with strong visuals or a video too.

  1. Mobile is for life, not just for Christmas

This might be one for the new year if you haven’t already but having your website optimised for mobile and tablet use is becoming more and more important for consumers. Google also announced last month that it will be adding a ‘mobile friendly’ label to search results to show people which websites are mobile optimised – make sure people aren’t put off before they’ve even clicked on your link. 

  1. Get social this Christmas

We all know how important social media is for brands and Christmas is a prime time to attract new followers. Don’t fill your timeline with any old rubbish though! And don’t just sell your product – consumers want more from brands than that, they want a relationship with them. What to share will vary based on your brand but think about what consumers will find interesting and check out your competitors’ social media pages – how can you do it better? 

  1. Christmas gift guides

Creating a Christmas gift guide to offer to media is a nice way to show your product or service to interested audiences. For example, if you make handbags, why not create a gift guide with other outfit ideas for gifts or for a Christmas party. You might also consider teaming up with other startups or businesses to increase your reach by creating a joint gift guide.

  1. Get Christmassy for Google

Boost Google hits with holiday related content – blog posts, videos and regularly updated social media accounts will increase the chances of new consumers stumbling across your brand.

  1. Differentiate

Consumers are bombarded with messages at Christmas. What makes your brand different and why should they buy your product or service over another?

  1. Cater for last minute shoppers

A drawback of shopping online is delivery time and charges. Can you help out the last minute shoppers frantically looking for the perfect gift with next day delivery? Promote this on your website and social media pages so people know they can get items delivered fast.

  1. Make friends with influential bloggers

Popular bloggers are like media brands all by themselves. Find ones relevant to your brand on social media and start interacting with them. Eventually you may want to offer product samples to them or organise a bloggers’ day where they can come along, meet you and try out your products.

  1. Make sure you can deliver

It’s easy to over-promise or under-estimate sales during the Christmas period. Make sure you have enough stock and staff to fulfil any sales or extra activity being undertaken during the holiday period. Failure could put consumers and anyone else they tell off your brand for life.

  1. Send a Christmas thank you card with orders

Have you ever ordered a product online and along with your delivery of goodies there’s been a handwritten thank you card? Taking the time to create these little extras can really strengthen your relationship with the customer – it also provides an extra way to share Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page details!

  1. Don’t be a Scrooge!

If you can, try to give something back, whether it’s donating some of your products to charity or donating money to a local charity to help people in the area.

  1. Have fun!

‘Tis the season to be jolly after all! Social media is a great way to show consumers that your brand is fun and staff love working with you. Share your favourite secret santa gifts, Christmas decoration ideas, videos of staff packing orders in their Christmas jumpers or anything else that shows the people behind the brand.
Have anything else to add? Why not tweet us what your startup is doing this Christmas @mucklemedia. Merry Christmas!