Shopping basket dating and brewery weddings: Feeling the love for Valentine’s marketing

Shopping basket dating and brewery weddings: Feeling the love for Valentine’s marketing

Whether you’re loved up, happily single or contemplating making use of a break-up service like The Break Up Shop (yes, that is an actual thing), brands have been showing the love for February the 14th.

Tesco’s Basket Dating

Supermarket giant Tesco has been lending a helpful hand to shopping singletons by matching them with potential suitors based on the content of their shopping baskets. A promotional video shows a psychologist playing matchmaker by analysing the baskets of shoppers and pairing up the best suited.

The video shows psychologist Rachel Morris’ thought process: “These two will go together because all they want to do is sit and chat and have a couple of nuts”, and “‘Cleaning guy’ can go and spend some time with ‘domestic lady’”

The video then goes on to show dates between the paired couples with mixed results. Creating shareable content is the key objective with this campaign and it worked well, with social media users sharing their thoughts on the video from “amazing” to “ridiculous”!

House of Fraser gets #emojinal

Followers of House of Fraser’s Twitter account were left confused after its latest campaign which aimed to bring some fun to Valentine’s Day marketing activity.

#emojinal sees House of Fraser sharing images of celebrities with emojis Photoshopped into the picture. Followers are tasked with cracking the emoji code, which represents a romantic comedy, for the chance of receiving a 10% online discount.

However, followers weren’t feeling the love. Many Twitter users even questioned if House of Frasers’ Twitter account had been hacked with the departure from its usual tone.

Lessons learned? Campaigns need to match the brand. The tone and messaging of campaigns should be carefully considering – that being said, it certainly sparked debate and got people talking.

Ya Big Darling, Tennent’s Lager

To mark the launch of its Valentine’s-themed 12-packs, Tennent’s Lager is offering one lucky couple the chance to get married at its Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow.

With leap years traditionally being when women can pop the question to their partners, Tennent’s Lager is asking women to send in their proposal videos which will then be shown on the ‘big telly’ on the outside of the brewery on busy Duke Street. One of the couples will then be chosen to tie the knot at the brewery.

Everyone who submits a video will receive a discount voucher on the Valentine’s-themed packs, which includes bottles labelled with phrases such as ‘Pure Stunner’, ‘Hiya Hot Stuff’ and ‘Ya Big Darling’! The email address for submitting videos is even

A really fun campaign with huge potential for sharing on social media, whether it be the proposal videos or clips taken by passers-by who see the proposals on the ‘big telly’. The strategic campaign is also complemented by a weeklong Valentine’s takeover on Tennent’s social media pages, with users being asked to share their cheesiest chat-up lines and nicknames for their other halves – bravo, Tennent’s!

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