Relative PR

Multi-generational family owned businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy – two thirds of UK businesses are family owned and they generate over a quarter of UK GDP. Many family owned firms that have passed through the generations are embracing change, driven by technology and the need to compete with emerging brands that are disrupting traditional markets, but this is new ground for many. Family owned businesses often over rely on their heritage, using that as their only communication platform. Consumer and business research shows that heritage is no longer enough in crowded markets with challenger brands, so traditional, family owned businesses need to apply innovation to their brand positioning, to maximise their market share. The challenge for family owned businesses is to embrace the opportunities to change whilst staying true to their roots and heritage. This often creates a communications challenge as messaging becomes unclear and different generations may have different views.

Relative PR helps family-owned businesses to navigate these challenges, by providing a combination of strategic communications advice to family boards and management teams and more practical and tactical support to help deliver strategic communications programmes, whether outsourced, in-house or as a combination to communications teams. We use our strategic communications wheel framework to benchmark your brand and identify opportunities for growth. We help you to retain the heritage and history of your brand, but also innovate and break new ground with clear positioning and new brand opportunities. We understand the challenges and great opportunities of operating within a family owned business and use our knowledge to help grow sales through communication. We help you to write the story of the future, building upon the past and securing business growth for the next generation. We futureproof your story.

We are part of the Muckle Media Group and specialise in working with family-owned businesses.