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Greensheen or environmental heroism?

With watchdog organisations and individuals ready to call out brands for greenwashing, how certain can we be that what brands are conveying to the public

My traineeship with Muckle Media

Written by James Maule – Trainee PR Account Executive, 2021 Today marks the last day of my six-month traineeship at Muckle Media. Back in March

Training up during a lockdown

Written by Jenna Maclean – Trainee PR Account Executive, 2021 Over the last five months, I’ve been a trainee account executive at Muckle Media, taking

Introducing our trainees

Having always been passionate about providing new opportunities in the PR, Marketing and Communications industry, we are very excited to have launched a new training

Going beyond the visual

An intro into creating a brand identity Most people understand the concept of branding, they know that it’s the thing that makes companies recognisable. You

How to get a Clubhouse app invite

If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere! But for those who don’t know it’s an exclusive,