Muckle Media Account Manager appointed Chairman of the PRCA NextGen Scotland

Muckle Media Account Manager appointed Chairman of the PRCA NextGen Scotland

As someone who started out pursuing a career in PR without much knowledge of the industry as a whole, I’ve always been really interested in looking at encouraging the next generation of could-be practitioners to join our wonderful (if slightly manic and stressful) industry and help those who have joined to get the most out of it that they can.

That’s why I’m delighted to have been appointed Chairman of PRCA NextGen Scotland, a group which focuses on developing and helping practitioners across Scotland at all levels to get the most out of their career in PR.

I originally set out to be a journalist before making the transition to PR and securing a BA Honours degree in PR and Media from Queen Margaret University. Halfway through my final year I undertook a placement with a leading PR agency in Edinburgh, who took a chance on me and offered me a full time position as an Account Executive in one of the consumer teams.

During my first year in PR I learnt a lot. But mostly I remember learning that a) the stuff you learn during University doesn’t really prepare you for the real world, b) no-one will actually know what you do when you tell them you work in PR, they’ll automatically picture you in either AbFab or The Hills, and c) it’s so important to have someone else within the industry to turn to for advice and support.

When I started out I spent a lot of time googling things, asking my superiors questions and trying to find out how the world of PR works. As a result of this when the opportunity to join NextGen Scotland came up, I was keen to get involved and play a more active role in bringing together professionals from graduate level up to Senior Account Manager, and help further a group based on supporting, informing and helping practitioners across the industry.

I can’t wait to work with Vice Chairmen Stephanie Malcolm and Sarah Mooney to shape what NextGen Scotland will look like. Together we have a wealth of ideas on how we would like to expand and develop the group and ensure we are reaching the right audience and giving them the information they need. From organising regular meetings with PR professionals, specific skills focused events, informal drinks evenings to get to know one another and some round-table Q&A sessions to explore the industry and learn how to work together in a collaborative manner to encourage effective practice.

With the aim of inspiring the next generation of professionals at the core of NextGen Scotland, I’m excited to work with Stephanie, Sarah and the wider industry to really look at what the next generation of PR professional looks like and how we plan to attract them.

If you’re interested in hearing more about upcoming NextGen events in Scotland, have any key points you would like to raise to the committee, or would just like to say hi, then please do drop me an email on