Going beyond the visual

Going beyond the visual

An intro into creating a brand identity

Most people understand the concept of branding, they know that it’s the thing that makes companies recognisable. You might recognise the link between successful businesses and strong branding. But how many people see the role of branding going beyond the visual, going beyond the logo or website and instead the brand being at the very heart of the organisation?  

That’s not to say that creating a visual identity isn’t important, it is. Creating a consistent look and feel so that your audience can easily recognise you is vital.  This includes the business card you hand out to your website and even (when we can return to) the company office.  These touch points should all look and feel consistent.  Think of it like creating layers, building your brand and adding to it with each layer that your audience encounters.

But your brand doesn’t stop with your visual identity.  At the very core of it is understanding who you are, what the business is and its values. If you don’t understand this, no one else will either.

Customers are savvy to the glossy sales pitch, it’s no longer about charm or spin. In fact, it’s not about selling your services at all it’s about telling your story. What truly connects you to your audience is your personality.

By connecting with your audience emotively, through shared values and beliefs, you can encourage loyalty. It’s this customer loyalty which leads to brand advocacy and in an increasingly overcrowded digital world it is this connection, the creation of brand advocates that will help amplify your message and ultimately elevate your business.

Knowing who are and your value proposition and being able to communicate this with your audience is truly what it means to take your brand beyond the visual.