Gmail Shelfies and dogs on theme park rides: the best April Fool’s PR stunts

Gmail Shelfies and dogs on theme park rides: the best April Fool’s PR stunts

It’s April the 1st so, of course, we’ve been looking at some of the best April Fool’s PR stunts – which is your favourite?

(Bryan) Cranston Pickle       

Swooping in on the success of Breaking Bad, Firebox has announced its (Bryan) Cranston Pickle. The jar contains blue coloured pickle and the lid is even shaped as Heisenberg’s iconic hat!

Gmail Shelfie

Google Software Engineer Greg Bullock says: “As the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space.” And April the 1st is no exception. Many Gmail users have selfies as their custom theme in their inbox, so now they can share their selfies with other users. Share, selfie – shelfie!

Get a Cudl from Tesco

Tesco has developed an advanced ‘springback’ bonding system for two of its Hudl tablets so you never have to be apart from a loved one again and can even take double selfies! The stunt acts as a nice introduction to the supermarket’s tablet post midday.

Woodpecker wake-up call

To promote the launch of our client Alarming Industries’ first product, The Alarming Clock, we announced The Very Alarming Clock – woodpecker alarm clocks with genuine live birds inside to wake you up each morning! The aim was to introduce people to The Alarming Clock and its woodpecker inspired alarm sound:

Vintage Nokia mobile with a modern twist

Nokia gave its iconic 3310 a Windows phone makeover, bringing the old favourite back in bright colours with touchscreens. Not only is it funny, this clever stunt makes previous 3310 owners think back to ‘the good old days’ and increases engagement with the brand.

Thorpe Bark

Theme park Thorpe Park has opened its doors to our four-legged friends by launching Thorpe Bark. Chihuahuas can enjoy the Colossus or you can pop your Pug on the Slammer – but only until midday on the 1st of course!

Invisible Morphsuit

Having been developed with NASA scientists, Morphsuits has announced The Hollow Man Morphsuit that “consists of an engineered material fused with spandex, thousands of micro-LEDs and mirrors, and dozens of small cameras capturing required angles to ‘project through’ the wearer”. We actually want one!