Building your brand

Building your brand

We all know the importance of the brand of a product or service – building a well-known and respected brand can not only generate higher profits, but change the perception of consumers.

Think of Innocent™ for example, and you might associate it with being friendly, fun, healthy, light-hearted and trust-worthy. Even their packaging has jokes on it! The brand has managed to keep its core values and image of being ‘good’ – not bad for a company that’s now 90% owned by corporate giants The Coca-Cola Company.

Similarly, Red Bull™ has created an iconic brand.

“Red Bull gives you wings” describes it all – a product that keeps you physically and mentally agile and able to do anything. All complemented perfectly by its association with extreme sports. Perhaps the most memorable being Red Bull Stratos: when Felix Baumgartner successfully embarked upon a space dive from 24 miles into the stratosphere.

That’s one extreme PR stunt, but that’s a whole other blog post! The world was inspired by the jump, only adding to Red Bull’s branding that anything is possible.

What make them different?

They clearly identify target markets and passionately communicate to them. Even when a new product is released, it takes the form of previous campaigns, reflecting the values of the company which consumers respond to.

The result is individual campaigns that are cohesive and join together to form an overall picture of a trusted brand.