A very digital Easter

A very digital Easter

As with most holidays and special occasions, Easter offers many opportunities for brands and today, it’s more important than ever to ensure that campaigns are integrated across channels. We take a look back at some of the best Easter brand campaigns.

Asda’s digital Easter egg hunt

Supermarket chain Asda worked with a creative digital agency to develop an augmented reality app that shoppers could use in a selection of its stores. Users downloaded the app before attending an Easter egg hunt on Easter weekend where they could scan the eggs that were hidden around the stores. Doing this activated different animations and the supermarket also ran a competition on its Instagram account to engage those unable to attend in person. This is a great way to drive engagement with the brand and also drives footfall to stores.
Asda has also got its social media channels in full Easter mode this year! It regularly posts Easter recipes and gift ideas across Facebook and Twitter and even shares decoration ideas and how-tos on its Pinterest page.
Live Streaming

In 2013, the Happy Egg Co took advantage of an increased focus on video. For three days, the egg company live streamed the incubation and hatching of 17 eggs. Viewers could see the newly hatched chicks in their first hours in the world via Google Hangouts and YouTube. Viewers could even suggest names for the chicks by tweeting the Happy Egg Co and posting to its Facebook page using a dedicated hashtag – #chickcam.
The campaign was a great way to further tie the brand to Easter. Integrating the live stream to social media channels increased reach further and engaged followers by involving them in the naming of the chicks.
Eggstra important websites
This year, Co-operative Food celebrates its new range of Loved by Us premium Easter eggs with a new website (https://www.easterlovedbyus.com/) along with digital and social media advertising. The website includes an ‘eggspert bar’ and an interactive egg comparison. The comparisons are tongue-in-cheek: describing the engineering of the eggs and giving details of the ingredients and even the thickness of the chocolate! The eggs are also showcased on social media with the hashtag #coopeasterhunt, alongside various other Easter posts.
Whatever the product or service you are marketing, there are various ways to use digital – what will you do?

Happy Easter!

Asda image: https://www.thedrum.com 

Happy Egg Co image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXN5CSiv2Wo  

Main image: Co-operative Food https://www.easterlovedbyus.com/