Muckle Media began working with Whisky Illuminati in the summer of 2019 to launch the Solaria Series. 

Building a strong relationship with the brand team, Muckle Media went on to secure additional projects following the success of the Solaria Series launch. 


Launch the Solaria Series, the second series from independent whisky bottler Whisky Illuminati, to secure quality trade and lifestyle coverage and sample reviews. 


A series with a strong educational aspect to it, Muckle Media made the decision to launch the Solaria Series with an intimate live tasting event for key influencers which took place on Instagram. ​​

This approach allowed the brand lead to educate influencers on what makes the series unique while also building intrigue among consumers. 

This launch ‘event’ was supported with strong media relations activity which included targeted sampling and media interviews.


Muckle Media generated significant coverage in both trade and lifestyle outlets, with titles such as Forbes, Luxurious Magazine, The Scotsman Food & Drink, The Spirits Business, Great Drams, and more all covering the series. 

Muckle Media also secured strong reviews of the five whiskies in the series, with several links back to the Whisky Illuminati website and e-retailers encouraging consumer purchase directly from coverage. 

Throughout the launch period there was also substantial social media conversation on the Solaria Series, with key influencers sharing their thoughts and tasting notes.