People’s Energy was set up by Scottish couple David Pike and Karin Sode who wanted help to start a new, transparent energy company through crowdfunding.​ Muckle Media was appointed with the brief of securing a minimum of £370,000 in pledges from as many consumers as possible.


With a limited budget and against a backdrop of low media interest in crowdfunding campaigns, the Muckle team had to deliver hard-hitting coverage that not only told David and Karin’s story as the couple taking on the big six energy firms but prompted consumer action.


Muckle Media created a strong narrative and a compelling case for consumers to take action by developing emotive human interest angles that would set the news agenda and drive consumer action. This included:​ · David (Pike) and Goliath – playing on David and Karin being a couple from a small village in Scotland looking to take on the big six​· Features and broadcast pitches on a change in the way people buy things towards customer ownership and the sharing economy​· Piggybacking on profit and price hike announcements from the big six energy firms


In line with initial objectives over £450,000 of crowdfunding has now been secured providing a return of investment of £43:£1. Nearly 2,000 individuals have contributed to People’s Energy crowdfunding and Muckle Media achieved 230 individual news items with a reach in excess of 30 million​ Broadcast coverage includes two pieces on Sky News, BBC Money Box, BBC Rip off Britain, BBC Scotland and print and online coverage includes 20 national titles. Muckle Media also achieved over 70,000 website views and the website and crowdfunding page now feature as top two organic search positions in Google under People’s Energy and Energy Crowdfunding.