Loch Ness Centre: The Quest

Following a £1.5 million investment in the Loch Ness Centre and Deepscan cruises, leading UK tourist attraction manager Continuum Attractions tasked Muckle Media with delivering global coverage to bring tourists to the centre.


Loch Ness Centre were arranging “The Quest” – a weekend of events arranged in partnership with Loch Ness Exploration’s (LNE), an independent and voluntary research team, for volunteers to search the famous waters of Loch Ness and uncover its mysteries. Taking place Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August, there were also special Deepscan and tours of the centre taking place.

Muckle Media was tasked with promotion of the event and delivering global coverage.


Following research, The Quest was positioned as the largest search in over 50 years with new technology being used to search the waters of the Loch.

Through strong media relations Muckle Media secured significant global media coverage inviting visitors to take part in person.

One week from the event, Muckle Media drafted a further press release calling for Monster Hunters across the globe to sign up and watch the live web cams of the Loch over the weekend, and search for anything unexplained.

Over “The Quest” weekend, Muckle Media managed media invites and the media schedule pre and during the weekend, with media on site from the Washington Post to German broadcasters ZDF and Australia’s ABC.

Following the weekend, Muckle Media followed up with media once again with details of findings from the weekend, keeping the legend of Nessie well and truly alive.


Over a 4-week period, Muckle Media generated over 2,300 pieces of coverage for The Quest with media secured across the globe, including New York Post, Washington Post, BBC, and The Guardian.

Loch Ness Centre was included in all pieces of news coverage on The Quest, including over 192 pieces of broadcast coverage including Good Morning America, BBC Radio 2, BBC Breakfast and Sky News.


During the period, over 6,000 people visited the Quest part of the Loch Ness Centre website, and over 200 people volunteered to take part in the hunt.

Volunteers arrived from countries including the US, Canada, Poland, and Denmark.

Over 300 people from across the world watched the VILN live stream.