Edinburgh International #CultureHour campaign


The Edinburgh International Culture Summit is an event in which Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and arts leaders from around the world come together to share ideas and discuss the power, position and profile of the arts, culture and creative industries. Muckle Media provided Edinburgh International Culture Summit with social media support to help convey the key messages of the event to a niche audience.


Muckle Media led Twitter activity from Edinburgh International Culture Summit’s account. Posts promoted the key themes of the Summit and announced details of the event using the hashtag #CultureSummit. Speakers were announced and interacted with using their Twitter handles. Muckle Media followed and interacted with other accounts tweeting about culture. #CultureHour was also created to encourage Twitter users to get involved and discuss and share ideas around promoting culture. This took place regularly on the run-up to the Culture Summit to generate further interest in the event. Muckle Media also undertook an interview with Culture Summit speaker Nandi Mandela during the event which was tweeted to Culture Summit’s followers. Muckle Media also ‘live tweeted’ from the event on the 10th-12th of August 2014 to give running updates on the speakers and their key discussions and retweeting mentions from other attendees.


The Edinburgh International Culture Summit Twitter account grew from 396 followers to over 1,000 in the three months Muckle Media worked on the project, surpassing the target number of followers. By the end of the event, Edinburgh International Culture Summit’s Twitter account had followers from over 60 different countries – building a strong base of followers for the next event. Interactions were high quality, with engagement from very high profile political influencers.