Both Interested


Muckle Media were appointed to assist with the launch of Both Interested, a new Facebook app that allows users to select up to three of their friends who they have a secret crush on and send them an anonymous message, notifying their crush that one of their Facebook friends likes them. We also assisted with the introduction of Bitcoin to the app.


Muckle Media pushed the Both Interested launch to various outlets, including technology and lifestyle publications, as well as national press. We researched appropriate features, such as dating columns and technology blogs to ensure Both Interested received a variety of coverage. We also assisted with social media channels to increase Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers, targeting the key demographic. Following the latest celebrity couple news ensured we stayed current and could post to social media based on this.

When announcing the Bitcoin introduction to the app, we extended our target to journalists who had recently written about Bitcoin.


Both Interested received a large amount of online coverage, reflecting the online nature of the product. Publications including T3, MSN Tech, Tesco Tech Support, Mobile Money Revolution and Bloomberg featured Both Interested.