Muckle Media was brought on by Actiph Water to promote their founder, Jamie Douglas Hamilton, on a Guinness World Record breaking row across the Antarctic.


Muckle Media was appointed by Jamie Douglas-Hamilton in November 2022.  The expedition set off in early January, so the team worked quickly to ensure that case studies of Jamie and the crew were written and signed off, quotes from Jamie’s cardiac surgeon, British Heart Foundation and the McNish family were secured, that the launch press release was written and approvedand photography of Jamie taken.

To gain interest in the expedition, raise awareness of Harry McNish and begin to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation, Muckle Media issued the press release under the embargo of Monday December 12.  Two weeks prior to the date of embargo, Muckle Media organised a photoshoot with Jamie in Port Glasgow, Harry McNish’s home town, and invited the Press Association’s photographer and reporter along on an exclusive basis.  Intereviews with broadcasters and national media were secured.


Muckle Media initially approached media with a pre-event story to highlight Jamie’s sporting prestige, having already broken world records during previous expeditions for charity. Announcing the row with engaging photography and interview opportunities, Muckle began conversations with media around post-row media relations and updates during the expedition.​​ Taking place over the festive period, landing in Antarctica on Christmas Eve, Muckle navigated constraints with timing and a media exclusive with the Discovery Channel to secure post-event media coverage with a strong media release and broadcast and telephone interview opportunities with Jamie.


Muckle Media secured 242 pieces of coverage

Coverage across UK broadcast, national and regional media was widespread, with over 170 items of coverage secured in the first week.  Keeping momentum going, Muckle Media issued a press release just before the crew set off, securing further coverage for the expedition.

Coverage highlights include: BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBD Good Morning Scotland, The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Metro, Scottish Daily Mail, Scotsman, Greenock Telegraph, Daily Mirror, The I.