Ace Aquatec

Muckle Media have helped raise the profile of aquaculture & marine Industry experts Ace Aquatec over the last 3 months in both trade and regional press on an international level.


Muckle Media was appointed on the Ace Aquatec account earlier this year when controversy around the fishing industry was beginning to brew. The teams main focus was to deliver the firms key messaging around sustainability, ethics & animal welfare and biotechnology innovation.


The team regularly attend meetings with the firm’s global network to develop a news pipeline that can get targeted to trade, business & local press, both nationally & internationally. Muckle Media have also worked alongside SSPO (Scottish Salmon Producer Organisation) to provide reactive statements to any industry announcements including the latest legislation around seal deterrents and are in the process of organising a journalist educational event around the use of these deterrents.


Since Muckle Media’s appointment, the team have achieved 15 pieces of coverage with a circulation of around 25k and over 26.6k estimated views. The team have a number of exciting announcements and profiling opportunities coming up within the next month.